poetry and stuff... hehehe
i met a girl today... >.<

her name is maggey and she plays piano! she's really pretty...

angel says she's scary... i don't see why, though...
i love angel, but he can be such a scaredy-cat!!!

love is a strange thing... (entry number two)

i saw maggey again today...
the hills were cold so i went to her favorite spot. she was playing piano again. she said the song was called "fur elise." she even told me how it was spelled 0///0
she asked me where angel and me have been staying. i told her we were at █████ park, but she said she's never been!
this monitor is covered in dew. there aren't any ceilings in this part of the decline.
maggey says she doesn't sleep. i said that's strange because i'm sleeping right now! she didn't think it was funny :P

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